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In contrast to most other Linux distributions Puppy does not differentiate between a normal user and the administrator root. Rather you always works as root, which simplifies the use of Puppy. The question arises if it is unsecure to work as root and to have full access to all files, programs and data.

For the normal home user, there are no special risks compared to other Linux distributions. On the contrary, Puppy is probably a bit safer than many other distributions.

First let's analyze the risk of a distribution, which differentiates between user and root. The user works as a normal user, who does not have privileges to write/delete programs and system files. An intruder can compromise only the user’s files. However the intruder has an entrance to the system and can try to gain root-privileges (find the password file, use exploits to transfer malware code and so on), and afterwards try to get access to all files.

As long as Puppy starts from CD-ROM (and is not installed on the harddrive) the program-files and system-files are secure. Everytime you reboot any malware programs, which an intruder could have left, are gone. Of course your own files stored into the pup_save.3fs-file or on a harddrive can be compromised by an intruder, but this can happen to the normal user of another Linux-distribution as well. If you want to be safe from intrusion, store checksums of all files and backup your files regulary.

超级用户 (Root)




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