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Puppy Linux精华帖索引

视频:puppy4.31 正式版 完全安装在硬盘上

请以U盘 或者光盘启动puppy

Slackware 12.2 的pup_412版
slackware 12.2 简易安装只有86M
用puppy linux重新封装(用slackware12.2的内核和原码重新制作)的Slaxer_Pup_412.iso,在puppylinux的老家诞生了:



2.1 直接用虚拟光驱的工具,拷出以下文件:



title Slackware in Pup
kernel (hd0,0)/spup/vmlinuz PMEDIA=

U盘操作系统Puppy Linux4.1正式版已于2008年10月6日发布

U盘操作系统Puppy Linux4.1正式版已于2008年10月6日发布了。初次体验Puppy4.1,你可能会觉得与4.0没什么区别,其实在底层(你看不到的基础部分)有了很大改进,大大提高了Puppy的硬件兼容性,并支持热插拔。官方发布的Puppy4.1 iso有两个:一个是基于Linux内核2.6.25.16的标准版本;另一个是基于Linux内核2.6.21.7的复古版本,仅适用于老硬件。


用于安装到U盘的Ghost版Puppy Linux4.1 gho镜像下载地址:



JWM 窗口管理器主页:
JWM 窗口管理器配置:
ROX 文件管理器手册:
ROX 文件管理器信息:
rxvt 脚本信息:
Man-页面: [url=

提示和技巧(Tips and tricks)

Tips and tricks

Upper and lower case

Linux always differentiates between upper and lower case. The two files MyFile.txt and myfile.txt are different file.

Special characters

Do not use special characters except for minus (-) and underline (_) for filenames or directory-names. Don't use the space-character. Use the characters A-Z, a-z, 0-9, -, _ only.

How to move files with ROX

If you left-click on a file and pull it to another directory the file is copied.

Windows程序和相应的Puppy Linux程序(Windows-programs and corresponding Puppy-Linux-programs)

Windows-programs and corresponding Puppy-Linux-programs

Windows程序和相应的Puppy Linux程序对照表:
[table]WindowsPuppy-LinuxWindows ExplorerROXWordAbiword, OpenOffice WriteExcelGnumeric, OpenOffice CalcPowerPointOpenOffice ImpressNotepadEditor GeanyInternet ExplorerSeaMonkey BrowserOutlookSeaMonkey MailFrontpageBluefish[tr][td]Photosho

制作自己的Puppy光盘(Make your own Puppy-CD)

Make your own Puppy-CD


You can create your own Puppy-Linux with the following program.
Start the program "Menu | Setup | Remaster Puppy live-CD":

Click on the OK-button.

Choose the partition, on which a temporary working directory should be made with the tabulator-keys.

用bcrypt加密文件(Encrypt with bcrypt)

Encrypt with bcrypt

You should encrypt very sensitive files with the program bcrypt. Bcrypt uses the secure Blowfish-algorithm.
Open a shell and enter:
bcrypt /MyDirectory/MyFile
Then you are asked a passwort (at least eight characters long; you can abort bcrypt with "Ctrl" + "C"). Bcrypt encrypts your file and appends the extension bfe to the file. The original file is deleted automatically.
If you want to encrypt more than one file or a complete directory you should create an archive-file. Start the program "Menu | Utilities | Xarchive archiver".

入侵检测(Intrusion detection)

Intrusion detection

For further improvement of your security you should store a checksum (a fingerprint) for all files. At regular intervals, but in any case before a backup, you examine the checksums of your files. If the checksums do not agree, the file was changed or deleted.

In order to compute and store the checksums, you open a shell and enter the following commands:

md5sum /usr/bin/md5sum

Create a checksum of the program md5sum.