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如何获得Puppy(How to get Puppy)

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你可以从ibiblio.org这个网站得到Puppy Linux。把最新版本Puppy-3.xx-seamonkey.iso(如Puppy-3.01-seamonkey.iso)保存到你的硬盘。这个文件的大小约100 MB。



md5sum Puppy - 3.01 - seamonkey.iso
你会得到一个校验结果。用一个文本编辑程序打开文件Puppy-3.01-seamonkey.iso.md5.txt 。比较两个值是否相同。


下载的DOS程序md5sum.exe 。打开DOS命令窗口,点击"开始|运行" ,打开运行窗口,输入以下命令:


cd \
cd puppy
dir *.*

md5sum -c puppy-3.01-seamonkey.iso.md5.txt
你应该得到一个"OK" 。


How to get Puppy

You can get Puppy Linux from Save the current release puppy-4.xx-seamonkey.iso (e.g. puppy-4.00-seamonkey.iso) on your harddrive. The filesize is about 88 MB.
To make sure that you downloaded a genuine original file, you can compare the checksum of the ISO file with the associated file puppy-4.xx-seamonkey.iso.md5.txt (e.g. puppy-4.00-seamonkey.iso.md5.txt). Download this file as well.

Within Linux:

Open a shell and change into the directory, in which you stored the two files. Enter the following command:
md5sum puppy-4.00-seamonkey.iso
As a result you get the checksum. Open the file puppy-4.00-seamonkey.iso.md5.txt with a text program (e.g. abiword). The two checksums should be identical.

Within Windows:

Download the DOS-Program md5sum.exe. To open a DOS-Box click on "Start | Run". This opens an input window, into which you enter the following command:

Now you get a DOS-Box.

Change into the directory, in which you stored the two files, e.g. C:/Puppy. Enter these commands:
cd \
cd puppy
dir *.*

Now you should see the Puppy-files. Enter the command:
md5sum -c puppy-4.00-seamonkey.iso.md5.txt
You should get an "OK".
Subsequently you burn the ISO file (in our example puppy-4.00-seamonkey.iso) on CD. To burn an ISO file on CD, consult the manual of your CD-burning software. Beginners sometimes copy the ISO file simply as a data-file on CD, which doesn’t work. Usually the CD-burning software has a special menu option for burning an ISO file on CD. You can verify whether you burned the CD correctly by looking at the CD with the file manager (e.g. Windows Explorer). If you see files as "image.gz" or "vmlinuz.gz" everything is OK. If you see the file "puppy-4.00-seamonkey.iso" this is incorrect.


Create a second, identical Puppy CD as a backup copy, in case the original CD becomes corrupted.