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# ./configure
checking for gcc... gcc
checking for C compiler default output file name... a.out
checking whether the C compiler works... yes
checking whether we are cross compiling... no
checking for suffix of executables...
checking for suffix of object files... o
checking whether we are using the GNU C compiler... yes
checking whether gcc accepts -g... yes
checking for gcc option to accept ISO C89... none needed
checking for ranlib... ranlib
checking for a BSD-compatible install... /usr/bin/ginstall -c
checking how to run the C preprocessor... gcc -E
checking for grep that handles long lines and -e... /bin/grep
checking for egrep... /bin/grep -E
checking for ANSI C header files... yes
checking for an ANSI C-conforming const... yes
checking for inline... inline
checking whether time.h and sys/time.h may both be included... yes
checking whether gcc needs -traditional... no
checking for current directory... /root/app/alsa/alsa-driver
checking cross compile...
checking for directory with kernel source... ./configure: line 4734: cd: /usr/src/linux: No such file or directory
checking for directory with kernel build...
checking for kernel linux/version.h... no
The file /include/linux/version.h does not exist.
Please install the package with full kernel sources for your distribution
or use --with-kernel=dir option to specify another directory with kernel
sources (default is /usr/src/linux).
# make
make all-deps
make[1]: Entering directory `/root/app/alsa/alsa-driver'
make[1]: Nothing to be done for `all-deps'.
make[1]: Leaving directory `/root/app/alsa/alsa-driver'

Please, run the configure script as first...

# make install
if [ -L /include/sound ]; then \
rm -f /include/sound; \
ln -sf /root/app/alsa/alsa-driver/include/sound /include/sound; \
else \
rm -rf /include/sound; \
install -d -m 755 -g root -o root /include/sound; \
for f in include/sound/*.h; do \
install -m 644 -g root -o root $f /include/sound; \
done \
install: cannot stat `include/sound/*.h': No such file or directory
make: *** [install-headers] Error 1
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