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The Material Girl may not actually be a Material Girl anymore. It is well known across the globe that famous, ever-changing personality Madonna may no longer have the rights to the well-known title. Now, don't get too worked up, the title of her hit 80's song will always be ‘Material Girl,' but just because she made a song entitled Material Girl doesn't sanction Madonna to sole Trademark use of the phrase. The company, L.A. Triumph Inc., had apparently used the title, Material Girl, for their clothing brand which was released back in 1997. Women's Wear Daily reported, "On Aug. 31, a year after the suit was filed in U.S. District Court in Los Angeles, Judge S. James Otero rejected an argument from MG Icon — a joint venture between Madonna, her manager, Guy Oseary, and Iconix Brand Group Inc. — that Madonna was the senior user of the Material Girl trademark because she performed the popular song "Material Girl" in 1984." As many seem to assume, including Madonna herself, that because her song has that name, she can use it whenever and wherever she pleases. However, the case actually runs along these lines; Madonna has the name Material Girl copyrighted, however it was never trademarked, as Madonna never entitled anything else like products and merchandise with the same name. As she had many opportunities since 1984 to do so, it looks as if this case will fairly be going to trial. Even so, Madonna and her people tried having the case thrown away, but the judge finds reason to do the opposite and will be bringing the case to trial in the upcoming months. Now that the word is out speculation is rising. If Madonna looses Material Girl for Macy*s may have to change its name. Another Madonna song perhaps; possibly ‘Lucky Star,' ‘Dress You Up,' or just maybe ‘Like a Virgin.'


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