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Lazarus/FPC Installation on Puppy Linux.

This tutorial assumes that you are using Puppy 4.1.2 or later, and that you have a reasonable knowledge of Linux installations...if you strike any problems, email me or leave a message on the message board. N.B These are large files.

Step 1.

The base requirement is the Puppy devx package for your version of Puppy...available here. Install the devx package.

Step 2.

Download the Lazarus/FPC files...links listed below:

Free Pascal Compiler (vers: 2.2.4)...fpc-2.2.4.i386-linux.tar

Lazarus (vers:

Step 3.

Untar the Free Pascal Compiler to a convenient location and in a terminal run "". Once FPC is installed you can install the Lazarus pet using the Puppy Package Manager.

Step 4.

Open Lazarus and go to the Environment...Options menu choice and enter your path information. That as they say should be that.!

For Those Who Want a Light Weight Alternative to Lazarus...mseide is below.

After installing FPC install mseide the pet is here...


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