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Aion Teleport Back to Verteron Quest

Aion Teleport Back to Verteron Quest Date: 01-27-2010 Exit Northeast and head to Aion Tolbas Village. Kill: mobs along the way until you are level 14. Update Quest: Frillneck Hunt at Leto. Turn In: A Special Omelette to Eradis. (16,810 EXP).

Get Quest: Stolen Jewelry from Naia(She patrols the village). Get Quest: Stolen Village Seal from Santenius(1245, 2166). Get Quest: Missing Poppy from Cannon(1256, 2224). We provide professional Aion gold to players who want to level faster.

Get Quest: Gift to a Pilgrim from Hanontus(1304, 2280). Behind the building that Qydro is in front of. Get Quest: Secret Trade from Saminel(1243, 2269). Need level 35 gathering to do this quest.

Exit North and take the Western fork in the road. Quest Loop. Kill: 9 Dukaki Miner. Loot: 7 Supplies to Tolbas Village. Mine 5 Silver Ore. Stay left as you enter the mine. You will come to an aion item Stack(898, 2016).

Update Quest: Aion Stolen Village Seal. Turn In: Stolen Village Seal to Gaphyrk(894, 2024), in the cage. (14,900 EXP). Get Quest: Gaphyrk's Love. Now clear a path down the hill to Mimiti(907, 2104).

Aggro Mimiti and kite her back up to Gaphyrk by hitting her while walking backwards. Careful to not get any more mobs. You will enter a cutscene when you get her close to the cage. Turn In: Gaphyrk's Love to Gaphyrk. (15,500 EXP). Get Quest: Village Seal Found. Update Quest: Village Seal Found by using the Item Stack.


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