InfoWorld 2008年度最佳开源软件揭晓

Puppy Linux荣获InfoWorld2008年度最佳开源软件“Small-Footprint OS”大奖
来源: 中文Puppy Linux开发者之家   作者:qqdan<>
Small-Footprint OS:Puppy Linux(轻量级操作系统:Puppy Linux)
Puppy Linux packs a remarkable amount of capability into a small area. The current release, 4.0, is available in a bootable ISO image that's less than 90 megabytes. It easily fits on -- and can boot from -- a USB pendrive. It can also boot from CD-ROM or of course a hard drive. It's a fine candidate if you want to run Linux within a VM (like VirtualBox) on your Windows system. Puppy loads entirely into RAM, so applications execute with surprising speed. 
类别 项目 获奖产品
存贮类 6个
  Network Backup Amanda
  Storage Server FreeNAS
  Online Backup Free Online Backup
  File Management WinMerge
  Disk Monitoring Smartmontools
  Storage Administration StorageIM
安全领域类 8个
  Application Security AppArmor
  Penetration Toolkit Metasploit Framework
  Windows Password Cracker Ophcrack
  Network Firewall SmoothWall Express
  Network Intrusion Detection Snort with BASE
  Security Log Analysis Splunk
  Disk Encryption TrueCrypt
  Gateway Security Untangle Gateway Platform
生活应用类 6个
  Sound Editing Audacity
  3D Modeling Blender
  Web Browser Mozilla Firefox
  Image Editing GIMP
  Productivity Suite
  PDF Creation PDFCreator
平台和中间件类 9个
  Server Operating System CentOS
  Enterprise Service Bus JBossESB
  Database MySQL
  MySQL Administration phpMyAdmin
  Small-Footprint OS Puppy Linux
  Data Migration Jitterbit
  Desktop Operating System Ubuntu
  Desktop Virtualization VirtualBox
  Server Virtualization Xen
网络类 8个
  IP Telephony Asterisk
  Log File Analyzer AWStats
  Wi-Fi Network Scanner InSSIDer
  Server Monitoring Nagios
  Wireless Network Interface NDISwrapper
  Router, Firewall, & VPN Vyatta
  VoIP Monitoring Wireshark
  Network Monitoring Zenoss Core
企业应用类 10个
  Content Management Alfresco
  Enterprise Resource Planning Compiere
  Project Management dotProject
  Application Monitoring Hyperic HQ
  Business Process Management Intalio BPMS
  Reporting JasperReports
  Enterprise Portal Liferay Portal
  E-Commerce Magento eCommerce
  Business Intelligence Pentaho Open BI Suite
  Customer Relationship Management SugarCRM
协作类 5个
  Social Networking Elgg
  Wiki MediaWiki
  Mail and Calendar Scalix
  Remote Control Virtual Network Computing
  Blog Publishing WordPress
开发工具类 8个
  Object Database db4o
  Version Control Git
  Web Client Library HttpClient
  Parallel Programming Intel Threaded Building Blocks
  Business Rule Management System JBoss Drools
  Rich Internet Applications Open Flex
  JavaScript Framework Prototype
  Web Services Test Tool soapUI
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