HOWTO fatten Puppy

Puppy can be easily extended. This page is just getting started.

Note that some links given here will only exist if the package is installed.

Note that it is easy to rebuild a custom Puppy, with the packages you want. The way to do this is to either:

  1. download Puppy Unleashed, which is all the packages designed to work in Puppy, and you execute a simple build script to create a new live-CD with packages of your choice. Or...
  2. Run the "Remaster CD" script, to be found in the menu at "Menu -> Setup -> Remaster Puppy live-CD".

Abiword Add spell-checking, Microsoft TrueType fonts, plugins.
The Seamonkey suite is provided in the 'standard' edition Puppy live-CD, with a selection of extensions and the Macromedia Flash plugin, also the Gxine media-player plugin, so this is already fattened! However, you should be able to add Java and expand the streaming audio and video support -- some notes are below...

Mozilla Seamonkey


Seamonkey Composer (the HTML editor) has a spellchecker, but some builds of Puppy are without any dictionaries (or may only have the US English dictionary). This is very easy to remedy. The website that has dictionaries for all languages is, and you can either use a browser to go straight there, or open the spellechecker in Composer, by "Edit -> Check spelling..." then click on  "Download more".  The instructions on the website state to left-click to download and install a dictionary, however for me that gave a download error. Instead, right-click and choose to download and save the file, for example "spell-en-AU.xpi". Then running Seamonkey, choose "File -> Open..." and open the ".xpi" file and it will automatically install.
You can find installed dictionaries in /usr/lib/mozilla/components/myspell/.


Yeah, you can add themes to Seamonkey. need to write the howto here...


Puppy has the Adobe Flash player plugin, located at /usr/lib/mozilla/plugins. SeaMonkey, Firefox and Opera are able to find it at that location.

Currently (April 2008) there are problems with getting some videos from to play full-screen. A later version of the plugin may work or you. Also there is some discussion on the Puppy forum, with suggested workarounds.

To install a new Flash plugin, download it from Adobe, expand the file (just click on it), then copy '' to /usr/lib/mozilla/plugins. Then exit from the browser and restart it.


To be written.

Video and audio codecs

XINE is the multimedia library used in Puppy and Gxine is the GUI player. Gxine also has a browser plugin, that works with SeaMonkey, Firefox and Opera.

Note, you will find the Gxine plugin at /usr/lib/mozilla/plugins. SeaMonkey, Firefox and Opera are able to find it at that location.

Gxine also has a bit of a problem playing full-screen, but there is an easy solution. First, maximize the window (the middle icon at top-right of the window), then choose 'View -> Full-screen mode' from the menu.

The XINE library in Puppy can play most video and audio files, however if you encounter one that does not play, there is a PET package with extra "codecs" (plugins to support more file formats).
The best place to find out more about this is in the HOWTO: multimedia page.